Are Online Poker Games Rigged?

Are Online Poker Games Rigged?

Online poker is a huge industry in 2020. As we further progress, the industry seems to grow even more. But, recently there have been big news that online poker games are rigged. Is it true? As always there are two sides to the story. Popular websites like situs poker online offer the players with fantastic opportunity to win money and bonuses. So what’s the fuss about? 

Online Poker Is NOT Rigged

The ones who believe that online poker is not rigged will point that histories have never reflected any single person or entity to benefit all the time and that too consistently. Players who have poor style of play and follow unworthy tactics are the ones who have lost. The winners are always clever and follow the most strategically enticing path all the time. Adding to that, the debaters will also add that poker sites will never jeopardize the relation between them and their customers. This will lead to a huge risk of losing money and license from the regulators. Inspite of being a multi-billion dollar industry, the main aim to run a poker agency is to earn profits always.

Internet Poker Is Rigged

Those who are claiming that internet poker is rigged, have to say that online chat boards, and poker sites rig the slots to earn more money or allow someone influential to win the prize. There have been few instances where people have found out casino slot showing strange signs of being rigged. However there have never been very solid proof of whether these are rigged or not. The actual proof is not so much and that is why the claims can be sidelined. However, many people believe that they have faced dishonest players who have ultimately won the prize and the jackpot also.

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