Blackjack Fast Card Counting System – Sanal Blackjack

Blackjack Fast Card Counting System – Sanal Blackjack

Blackjack Card CountingDan Pronovost, a gambling teacher, and creator of many Blackjack tactics came up with a Quick Count answer in response to a friendly question. When an average gamer was asked if there were an easier card counting method and a chance to gain an advantage over the casino, Dan came up with a Quick Count answer.

Dan and his friend realized that a majority of gamers had to do a minimum of 80 hours of exercise to learn the most basic High-Low Counting System, and in fact, a very low percentage of gamers effectively put the High-Low Counting System into practice. The Rapid Counting System was Dan’s probing response.

Blackjack writers say that an average Blackjack hand consists of 2.7 cards. Therefore, the number of people who draw 3 cards is slightly higher than the number of people who draw 2 cards. A small “card” of 1.03 for a Blackjack hand, regardless of how many players are played and how many decks are played against a card played for each hand, while each of the 13 “big” cards versus 5 “small” We understand that you are pulled.

From this point of view, we can say that you need to develop a Quick Count method of what you only need to do. We count each “small” card at the table as “+1”, and let’s subtract the number of hands distributed at the end of each hand (including the split hand). Your count will rise, and there will be a few “small” cards on the deck that will give you an advantage.

How much advantage does Blackjack Rapid Card Counting System bring you?

According to an independent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Quick Blackjack Card Counting System is said to provide a player a 1% advantage for billions of tranches of Blackjack. This ratio is 3 times better than the expectations of a Blackjack player who plays with perfect strategy, and the application of this method is easier than the basic Blackjack strategy.

The Fast Counting System requires you to understand the basic Blackjack strategy, so you know how to play a lot of things. But since the casinos have allowed you to bring your strategy board to the Blackjack desk, the creators of the Quick Count method do not give much importance to learning this strategy. Instead, you spend hundreds of dollars in a two-day seminar encouraging people to learn the Quick Count method and you’ll see that you are not alone if the warning light is on for you.

I prefer not to learn if I have to buy a book to learn something or attend a high paying seminar.

The inventors of the Rapid Counting method have done an excellent job of protecting the secret of this method. But it is expected that this self-study and counting system will work to some degree after the presentation of several details. The Rapid Counting System has acknowledged that a more complex system such as the probable KO has a better advantage, but many people claim that they can not learn these difficult systems. For this reason, a system like Fast Counting is ideal for people who do not learn the difficult card counting methods in 80 to 120 hours.

The Blackjack Quick Count method is one of the many new Blackjack card counting methods targeting people who have had a recollection problem with card counting in the past. If you want to know more about Quick Counting, you should contact the company holding the license. Be careful when you give money to card counting methods that do not offer you detailed information without researching a few superficial derstens, mathematical bi – you can learn yourself better by spending some time in one of the high-level Blackjack card counting systems.


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