Dispelling Blackjack And Card Counting Misconceptions

It seems like every day I hear or read a new misconception or an old myth relating to blackjack and card counting. Since I have been a card counter for over 30 years I feel that it’s my duty to dispel some of these myths and misconceptions. Myth: The object of Blackjack is to get as close to 21 as you can without going over 21. Truth: That’s totally wrong.

Ways To Identify The Different Types Of Gambling Addiction Disorders

Gambling refers to the act of staking valuables in the hope of winning more. This act is conscious and deliberate. Though casual gambling is not harmful and is only a recreational game, things become worse when it becomes addictive. Addictive gambling is unhealthy and needs to be treated just like any other disorder under a professional’s supervision. The options like non gamspot slots have been a huge trigger to illegal

Confessions of a former professional blackjack player

David Lane is a blackjack enthusiast who has just published the novel The Count Of The Cards . He tells us here why he decided to end his playing blackjack professionally. My friends often ask me why I ended my career as a professional blackjack player. This is not because of my novel which has just been published because I stopped more than four years before writing the book. This

King Kong The 8th Wonder of the World

Based on the Hollywood blockbuster movie of the same name, KING KONG – THE 8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD, an epic classic, has been transformed by PLAYTECH software provider into this fun-packed, five-reeled slot.  You will recognise all of the characters from the 2005 Universal Studios movie. The graphics are immaculate and crystal clear with some interesting special features and bonus rounds.  Symbols include just the main characters such as

PokerStars review – Why to check them?

If I had to choose only one site in which to invest my poker bankroll, while many would be considered, PokerStars would be my option; there are many reasons why.  PokerStars offer a huge selection of cash games in various betting formats and a massive choice of tournaments catering to all players no matter what variation, structure or buy-in level they enjoy. Pkv Games are played for the fun and

What are the Things to Think about with Badugi

Badugi Poker Blog » Things to Think about with Badugi Badugi is very popularly known as a gambler’s game. However, in reality it is quite different. For instance, if you get used to playing Omaha and Hold’em then you must have realized that there are slim chances of you to be a favorite in a hand when your competitors are still drawing. On the other hand, in the case of

When Gambling Becomes an Addiction: Ways to Help

Addiction of any kind has been the subject of wide debate. Are addictions the result of some genetic predisposition, for example, or have they somehow been learned? Similarly, are people morally responsible for their addictions, or should they be regarded as victims of circumstance? Regardless of how you might address these questions, is there any doubt that painful consequences can arise when gambling becomes an addiction? Who hasn’t heard of