Confessions of a former professional blackjack player

Confessions of a former professional blackjack player

David Lane is a blackjack enthusiast who has just published the novel The Count Of The Cards . He tells us here why he decided to end his playing blackjack professionally.

My friends often ask me why I ended my career as a professional blackjack player. This is not because of my novel which has just been published because I stopped more than four years before writing the book. This is mainly because of the lifestyle I led as a professional player.

Contrary to what everyone thinks, the life of a professional blackjack player is not all about glitz and glitter. Of course, there are times where you live like a king, but it also happens that you had to fight to survive. However, neither of these extremes have influenced my choice. If I stopped playing professionally, it is mainly because of the lifestyle I led. There are many things to know and do to become a professional card counter.

I do not mean the technical aspects of blackjack, but the strange lifestyle and staggered hours required in the game A card counter can play in a casino to play rush hour but during peak hours is more interesting for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that the tables allow the uncrowded pro player to play more hands per hour. But finding a casino where there are not too many people is a task that may prove difficult. In general, you should go to the casino between 4 and 7 o’clock in the morning. So I played blackjack during these hours and I slept all day, which is not very convenient if one wants to have a social life or family.

Another challenge is how to find a table where the rules and playing conditions are favorable. There are good games and bad games blackjack blackjack. Tables to a single shoe that pay a natural blackjack against 5 to 6 instead of 3 cons 2 are a good example of bad games. This does not look dramatic, but a card counter has a slight advantage in most cases and reduced payments eliminate this advantage.

The games of blackjack where the dealer hits on soft 17, which the dealer distributes only half the cards (50% penetration) and where a casino employee zealous watching you while you play because of your high stakes are avoided. Even if a good card counter overcomes these obstacles, the most time, effort and patience required can use the player more motivated after a while. Whether a player is beginner or professional, the placing of the bets should be done at the safe and secure table. The rankings of the betting tables can be checked at site to increase the winning changes. The use of the information is made with the excellence and expertise of the bettors. 

I am often asked if winning a large sum of money does not compensate for the disruption caused by the life of professional blackjack player. The answer is yes, but it is important to understand that a card counter loses hands frequently. The goal is not to win every hand but to win most of those where you have placed a big bet, according to the method of counting cards. A professional blackjack player will attempt to minimize the losses inherent in the game by placing bets minimum when the shoe is “cold.”

I did not mention the learning curve required to count cards effectively, discretion imperative to the casino ( note: the casinos do not like card counters) and large bankroll it takes to resist the variance.

So, I want to discourage new blackjack players? Not at all, because there are very talented players who are doing very well today. But ask these players and you will see that they have worked hard for years to gain experience and skills necessary to play blackjack at a professional level.

So why have I stopped my playing career? Apart from the fact that I had the opportunity to work in a field asking me less effort, I found a new passion in writing novels. I do not write books but learning the game of fiction, my first published novel is centered around a blackjack player who is caught in a history of crime and suspense.

I am pleased to have had a career of professional blackjack player and I do not want to discourage those who are engaged in this way. But if you’ve ever seen blackjack as a hobby, do not think it will be easy to become a professional card counter. For it is not given to everyone.

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