Delaware Park Poker Room Casino Goes Live

Delaware Park Poker Room Casino Goes Live

Three casinos – Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway, are officially live and online. Not only does this mark the first time a legal poker room is available for Delaware residents, it also marks the first time people can play casino games legally online anywhere in the United States. The whole world now knows about mega888 and everyone participates here.

Not only do the sites plan on operating a poker room, they have also rolled out a casino section where you can play blackjack, roulette, slots and other popular casino games. This is truly a historic moment form a gambling perspective.

The sites launched October 31st with a hand selected group of 75 players to beta test the sites soft opening. The plan was to go live on the 8th barring no significant setbacks. It is now 8 A.M. on the East Coast and I’m happy to announce that I, and many others can now go online and legally play poker and casino games!

I typed in Delaware in my web browser, and much to my delight, up popped the online casino page. After I had to let my Norton, Anti-Virus software know it was safe to download the software, I was happily staring the first ever online casino to legally operate in the United States.

The software looks good and I honestly expected it to be somewhat decent. The software is run by 888Holdings which operates 888 Poker and casinos. The site is run by the Delaware Lotteries Commission which monitors and regulates all land based casinos as well.

At the moment, I am the only person on site from what I can see. No tables are going and all I see is a long list of empty tables just waiting for players to start grinding.

The site appears to have everything you expect from a poker room. Sit N Go’s, tournaments and cash games are all available. So far the highest limit appears to be $5-$10 blinds.

The best part is the immediate notice of a bonus. I was a bit skeptical of what, or even if, online sites in the states would be offering the traditional deposit bonuses we were so used to. Delaware State Park is currently offering a $200 bonus along with free spins and $15 of free play. This is pretty decent and more than what I was expecting.

The sites are expected to bring in over $5 million in revenue by June according to State Finance Secretary – Thomas Cook. The bulk of the players are expected to be in the range of 30 to 50. This is a different target market compared to the rest of the world where you will find the latest 18 year old poker prodigy at every site it seems.

I personally can’t wait to see how this goes over in the coming months. It’s definitely a step in the right direction, but we still need some sort of federal level regulation. There’s no way one state can support a site on its own, let alone multiple sites competing for traffic.


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