Heads Up Super Turbo Bankroll Challenge

Heads Up Super Turbo Bankroll Challenge

Ok, so you guys all love a good bankroll challenge or spin up (who doesn’t) and with heads up super turbo poker games being all the rage, I have decided to combine the two for you and turn another $50 deposit into a fat bankroll to spend on hookers and blow whilst living the poker dream.

I’m going to do the same thing as I did back when I first started this website, I’m going to roll up a bankroll from a small deposit only using the strategy that I have created in my all new, heads up super turbo, beginners to winners course. The use of the right strategy should be done at Poker Online site for the bankroll management and enhancement. The depositing and withdrawal of money should be great to get the desired results. The allotment of the time and skills should be correct to win more bonuses and rewards at the global platform. 

I’ll also be doing some coaching for players looking to improve their Merge super turbo results. I’ll be coaching them for free and you can find out how you too can join in by reading my Merge Super Turbo Training Page

Stage One – Heads Up Super Turbos – (The Micros)

OK, here we go. As with every good bankroll challenge, I’ll be starting off in the micros. This is great for a few reasons. Firstly I love making real sums of money out of essentially nothing (or very little) and second, many of my students will start out here and I want them (you) to all understand that not only am I still in touch with the reality of these games but that my course crushes the lower stakes which is exactly the platform you are after.

So, I’ve decided to take a seat and show these $2 button clickers how to rock it like a super hero.

Well by the end of this session I firmly had my ego kicked into touch. If this was for any sum of money that meant anything to me, I could easily of seen my laptop take a frisby ride through a first floor window.

However, luckily it’s only $2 a game and I swiftly realised that I witnessed more coolers than a polar bear in a blizard and thought “Oh well, there’s always tomorrow”.

On the plus side, I managed to keep my redline in the positive by the end of it so I’m not feeling like a total donkey right now.

So today I decided to recap my strategy, just to ensure that I wasn’t auto piloting and make sure that the adjustments I’m making are best for the varying player types that I found myself competing across the vertual velts with.

I’m only focusing on my redline as the green line (actual winnings) will catch up with it sooner or later. After another frustrating session, I’m breaking even for the day (with regards to my redline) despite my actual winnings being in the plus now.

Oh my god, I think I’ve discovered the cure for tilt!! Just don’t look at the green line, pretend as if it never existed. Did I just get it all in as an 80% favorite and get sucked out on??? Yes I did, awesome, my red line has just shot up a few notches, get in!!!!

This ‘new look’ at being results orientated is actually the most positive outlook one can have (if of course you can’t help being results orientated).

Poker mindsets aside, this was probably the first session that I’ve had that seemed to ‘go smoothly’. Well, as smoothly as super turbos will ever go I imagine.

I didn’t really get all that many games played in this session but the red line is still heading in the right direction so that’s all good with me!

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