how Kentucky Derby Results predicted?

how Kentucky Derby Results predicted?

The Kentucky Derby is held every year, and in 2011, it will be held on May 7, 2011 .Opening day is on April 25th, 2011 . If you would like to wager and are legally able to place a bet (check your own laws) than you can place that bet here. You will of course be requred to create an account with the website before you are able to place a bet.

The Kenucky Derby first began in 1831, and is the oldest horse race for thoroughbreds in the United States. Held in Louisville, Kentucky, it is also known as the “fastest two minutes in sports” or “the most exciting two minutes in sports” for the reason that the two minutes of the race has the greatest attendance than any other stakes race in America.

The first time the race was on national TV was in the year of 1952. The race is only for throughbreds of three years old. The Top ten picks currently at the time of this writing are in order as follows: Uncle Mo, The Factor, Nehro, Dialed In, Much Mach Man, Pants on Fire, Archarcharch, Animal Kingdom, Soldat, and Toby’s Corner. You can keep track of the list, which updates every half an hour right here.

For those of you interested in placing a wager, this year’s talk of the day is what horse will be ridden by Calvin Borel , who is still without a definite mount. Mr. Borel, dubbed Calvin BoRail for his well known tendency to use the inside rail as he leaves competiters in the dust, has won the Kentucky Derby in 2007, 2009 and 2010! In 2008, his worst year in the past four, he placed third. Needless to say, this is where most people would like to place their money, and also perhaps, why he has yet to commit to a mount. You can check Dominoqq to have an idea and strategy on how you can closely predict the results.

Some speculators suspect he will end up with Uncle Mo or perhaps even Dialed In, however for definite results, one just has to wait and see. As with every year, the Kentucky Derby Results , while the fastest two minutes in sports, will be the most talked about for the week or month after.

We can expect many suprises to come for the 2011 Kentucky Derby results, from who will Calvin Borel choose to ride, and who will be able to acquire the greatly coveted Triple Crown .

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