How to Duplicate Runescape Private Server Items

How to Duplicate Runescape Private Server Items

Duping, an extremely unethical thing and you can be expected to receive an ipban, or at the very least a ban from whatever private server that you may be using at the time. Duping for those who do not no, or are ignorant to the entire subject of the RS2 private server(s) world is when you take an item, typically of great wealth and/or rarity, and create multiples of that item, without having to purchase it or work for it in anyway other than the actual “duping” or duplication, of the object. When you are playing a game at QQ, you cant really expect to get down to the basics of duping except play the games that you want. 

A few of the basic duping forms that work on a majority of basic and low population/low popularity RS2 private servers are the following:

Trade Disconnection Duping –

On many low popularity, or not well written/coded or operated servers, upon exiting a trade window by the means of declining, you are disconnected. This method of duplication does not tend to work no a great many if any of the servers that have over 100+ population on at all times, UNLESS they also have this disconnection glitch attempting this is a waste of time. First enter the trade window with a trust-able friend, as this may take trial and error to get perfect your timing. Offer the item that you wish to duplicate, warning: I recommend an item of medium value as on some servers, if done incorrectly this process results in the unfortunate deletion, or “nulling,” of an item. After offering your chosen item, accept and give it to your friend, immediately after this ( when I say immediately I mean: do not wait any time or this will not work as it relies on the rollback factor of ALL private servers) decline the trade. If this works on the server you are using, the server should disconnect and reconnect you, you will have your item in your inventory whereas your friend will have the same item.

Server Reconnection/Disconnection Duping –

This duping technique relies on the systematic restarting of the server; This will work on almost any server unless someone has attempted or done this previous to you. This may also be extremely hard to do as some servers have the restart times randomized. Some servers do not restart for every 7 hours, whereas some restart every 2 hours. For this technique you will need an extremely trust-able friend, and whilst this technique is theoretically the same process as the previous technique, it is near impossible to block and the only methods available to block this is to reformat or completely redo the way that things are rolled back and/or how trades are done within the server (this is why it works on a large variety of servers, including a few of the extremely popular ones). To begin this technique head away from everyone as you will need to successfully communicate with your partner. First you will need to successfully time at least 2 restarts of the server. So, have your stopwatch ready and wait until the server restarts itself. Immediately as the server restarts itself start your stopwatch and wait for the server to restart itself again. The way to make sure that the server has restarted itself is that you will notice that when you log back in, all your friends will do the same thing. Everyone will be logged out of the server at that time and not just you. Once the server restarts itself again stop your watch and look at the time. Write this down because this is extremely vital information to your duping process. Repeat this, and hopefully the restart times will be the same, if not within a minute or two of each other. If they are not, you must repeat this until you can find a suitable algorithm for the average of how often the server restarts. Using this information when the server is about ten minutes from restarting (according to your algorithm, or the average server restart time) head away from everyone with the item(s) you would like to duplicate and your trustworthy friend. Enter a trade window and put up the item(s) you are duplicating and wait until it is 5-10 seconds before the server restart. When it hits 5-10 seconds, accept the trade. The server will restart, and upon logging in, you both should have the items!

Death – XLogging Dupe Technique –

This technique relies on an internal glitch that is a problem in near every server. I have not come across any servers that the glitch has not worked, but I have come across some that the duplication part of this has been effectively blocked. Although if done correctly this should work on a great majority of servers. For this technique you will also need an extremely trustworthy friend. Go into the wilderness away from the majority of people, as they will attack you and provide interference for this. Have the items that you are attempting to duplicate worn or in your character’s inventory. Have your friend kill you, and AS SOON AS you reach 0 hp and see the “Oh dear, you’re dead” saying, or whatever saying that the server owner has thus coded, IMMEDIATELY CLICK CTRL-C+y+enter on the black cmd prompt/DOS window that is available whilst running the client (alternatives: Click the X in the top right hand corner of the client; Click Alt-F4; Click X on the upper right hand corner of the cmd prompt window; turn off your computer.)Whichever works for you use it. When you reload the client and log into the game, you should be standing where your partner is/where you “died,” and have your gear. Your partner should also have been able to loot (pick up the items) your kill, thus you both will have the items. WARNING: This technique is high risk; On some servers, if the owner(s)/staff are already privy to this duping technique, they will block it by making a sudden closing of the client result in loss of drop for the person doing the killing, and the person dying will still lose items involved/worn.

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