How to play Russian Roulette Game

How to play Russian Roulette Game

Russian Roulette is a very lethal game and there are no versions of this brutal game these days.  This is why Situs Judi QQ offers all the gamblers a wide variety of casino games that they can enjoy. Coming back to the history of the Russian Roulette game, which is completely a game of chance. In this game, there is a revolver with only one bullet. This game was given the term roulette as there is an element of risk and the spinning of the gun resembles the spinning of a roulette wheel. There are basically two players in this version of roulette. Each player spins and fires the revolver in every successive turn so that there is an equal probability of failure that is 1/6. This game dates back to early times. 

There were times when Russian prisoners were forced to play this game and the guards used to bet on the result of the game. This game has been declared illegal in most places. Many people think that this game is meant for people who are suicidal. The game of Russian roulette has very interesting statistics. If a single round is being played then a player has 83.3 percent chances of surviving.

Though the basic probability is 1/6, yet it also depends on the design of the gun, the load of the cartridge, and how the roll is spun. The cylinder is rotated mostly in two ways. One is to use the revolvers that have cylinders so the players can spin the cylinder. In this method, the result is almost random and the probability of survival is exactly 1/6. In the second method the gun is closed and the hammer is cocked back half the way and then it is spun. In this way of spinning the cylinder, it is permitted to spin until the cylinder stops. Every time the trigger has pulled the chances of getting killed change. In another way, it can be said that after four games have been played the chances of survival are 50/50. People have been seen playing Russian roulette in many pictures and television serials as well. Russian roulette is also incorporate in video games. 

In casino games, many variations of roulette are played. Russian Roulette is also a type of roulette that is played in online casinos. Russian roulette can be called as an evil sister of casino roulette. Where casino roulette is a very enjoyable game, Russian roulette is very deadly. This type of roulette has no relation with tables, wheels, and croupiers. Many people ask the question that why a person should play Russian roulette. But there are no clear answers.

People used to play this version of roulette as a show of bravado. People who have nothing to lose play this game as a suicide attempt. People started nothing this type of roulette in stories written by famous writers. There are many legends about different incidences that are related to Russian Roulette. In one such story, it is said that Russian army officers who were desperate or suicidal used to play this version of roulette to impress other army officers. Though this game is very deadly yet because of the stories and the serials that were made on this game it became so popular.

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